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EPA Boiler Emissions

January 4, 2012

The initial concept for new emissions standards with proposed changes to the 1990 Clean Air Act have to do with human health. In the current thinking of the EPA, 99% of boilers in the in the country are already in compliance with the new regulations. So for all those members with corrugators and using natural gas as a fuel there is very little that needs to be done at this time other than standard maintenance to be in compliance. The concerns that come from coal, oil, and biomass fired boilers are bigger issues and may have impact on the suppliers of containerboard and solid fibre, but they’re not as likely to affect converters.

Detecting Metal in Corrugated

January 3, 2012

This issue comes up on the blog about four times a year especially from members who serve the food industry and have customers that are installing even more sensitive metal detectors. It appears impossible to completely eliminate the presence of iron from paper based packaging. Containerboards and solid fibre paperboard and their resulting converted products are always in contact with steel. While we are not exactly shipping nuts and bolts inside our boxes and cartons, there is always the chance that flakes, splinters, shavings and rust will find its way into our products.

The industry has been unable to reach a consensus statement on the presence of metal in our paper products. There is no standard. There is just too much variation between mills and with the increasing use of non-corrugated waste fibres in our recovered fibre stream, we have increased the opportunity for an even greater frequency of metal contamination. If you need to purchase a metal detector that matches your customers’, contact me and we can discuss the design needs for your process.

I will continue to keep you posted. You can contact me directly with your questions at or through the Ask Ralph a Question page on this blog. If you know of suppliers of these detection devices, would you let me know so that I may share the knowledge with others.

Un HazMat Training

August 31, 2011

Kim asks:

We make UN HazMat for several customers. I have obtained the UN brochure from the AICC to guide me in our understanding and training. Do you know of any consulting firms that can come to our plant and train the trainer or where I may go to get some formal education?

AskRalph responds:


After we hung up from our phone converstaion I then remembered that Ten-E comes highly recommended by my peers.