Any Suggestions for Removing Starch

Carl asks:

As part of my internship, I’ve been tasked with investigating ways to remove starch build-up from our corrugator sections. We tend to get heavy build around the glue machines (of course), but also on many other components of the corrugator. Our crews can spend hours scraping and chiseling to remove build up. We try to stay on top of it, but since we are a high output operation it can quickly get ahead of us. In your experience have you come across any safe alternatives to remove buildup and how fast they may be?

You’re not alone. It seems like no matter how careful a corrugator operation is, it ends up with starch someplace we don’t want it. With the high speeds corrugators are running today, spray, sling and other types of transfer can quickly create unwanted buildup and even stalactites of starch.

There are chemical solutions available that will dissolve starch. Some are based on biodegradable enzymes and claim to be safe to crews and the environment. It’s said that these solutions/systems quickly dissolve dried starch, but how fast to go from buildup to clean machine will, of course, depend on how severe the buildup is. However, I believe it is safe to say that it will be quicker, probably much quicker and safer for the machine and crew than hammer and chisels.

What are other readers doing to keep their corrugators clean? Let us know.

— Ralph

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  1. teknikjonkoping Says:


    Interesting topics.
    Best way is to adjust the gluedams after fluting in the sf as that is shrinking more then liner.
    Also next is to put glue dam 5-10 mm smaller on the glue unit the force will create glue all the way out.

    Next is to always have a look on the aligment of paper on all position.

    Last tip i can give is to check so the cleaning device is working in singelfacer.

    Beter to find the root cause then ad chemicals.

    In sf you can use some mineraloil so you always keep your corrugating rools clean.


    Ola Linberg

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