Is There a Repository of Corrugator Defect Documentation?

Daniel asks,

Ralph, you once mentioned digging up a 20 year old article on corrugator defect. Is there a repository of technical articles around boxmaking you can direct me to?

The document I was referencing is actually a book published by TAPPI. It’s called Corrugated Defect/Remedy Manual, Sixth Edition. TAPPI also has a number of other publications on corrugator and corrugating that may be helpful.

The trade magazine are another good source of information and often have technical article specific to corrugators. AICC’s BoxScore, Corrugated Today and International Paperboard Industries are the once we are most familiar with here. Unfortunately, there is not central repository for the articles in competing publications, but you may locate a list of article on their website, or by contacting them directly.


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