Just how many corrugators are there?

Ron asks,

I’m doing some basic research on the corrugation market. My questions are:

  • How do I find out how many corrugators (machines) there are Worldwide by region?
  • And is there a way to know the width of each of the devices, such as over 2 meters, under, etc?
  • I’m also trying to answer the same question for Asitrades and Laminators.

That is a very tough question, especially from a global perspective! We know that the 432 +/- corrugators in the US are mostly 98″-110″.  Specs would be about the same in Europe and Canada.  Mexico is modernizing and we’re seeing 2.5 – 2.8 meter machines going in.  China is spending the capital.  Australia and New Zealand are modern. The rest of the word is, well, the rest of the world.  I would start by getting in touch with the corrugator manufacturers like BHS, Fosber, Agnati, etc. perhaps they can provide a worldwide overview of corrugator footprints. For Asitrades try touching base with Bobst. Most recently they are in the 65” range, but one of the newest located on the US East Coast is an 87” machine.

Industry publications often offer buyers guides, or directories of equipment suppliers. You may want to research some of those for lists of equipment suppliers. AICC’s member directory found on aiccbox.org also provides a means to search equipment suppliers (Associate Members:) that may be able to provide information.

— Ralph

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  1. Benjamin Findlay Says:

    I did a full market analysis a few years ago looking into population demographics and demand for packaging and how you could correlate these figures to determine if a market was under/over developed in respect to the corrugated capacity.

    As a general rule of Thim it works out as 1 Corrugator per 1,000,000 people.

    Other factors such as if a country has an export economy come into play to establish saturation or not but the ratio above has so far proved pretty accurate.

  2. Ola Lindberg Says:

    Hi regarding corrugator and plants this is how it lookn on actual plants
    – USA/Canada – 70,000 people – 1,300 plants (CPA)
    – Europe – 90,734 people – 701 plants – 412 companies (Fefco)

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