German to US Board Equivalents

Luke asks,

Quite often, I receive requests to spec out a box that was originally designed in Europe– most often Germany or Belgium. I have had a really hard time finding US equivalents to some of the board combinations used “over there”, both in flute and paper weights. What we struggle with most is the board codes (e.g. PLK 140/ WS 115/ TL 140 or TLW135/WS70/TL135, ZNNW43).

Is there a resource out there somewhere that I can utilize to best determine a US analog for flute combo/paper weights?

To answer your question about your specific combination above it would be coated liner 29#/ waste based 23#/Testliner 29# and test liner white 28#/waste based 14#/test liner 28#. I have no idea of the ZNNW 43 name. However, take a look at these two documents. They may give you the information you need. Alternative Requirements Table, Transport Quality Requirements.


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