UL Testing Corrugated Packaging

Matt asks,

I have a potential new customer that requires UL certification for our box.  We are not currently UL certified.  Is obtaining the UL certification complicated?   Is this process worth the cost?  This would not be a high volume customer.

Yes there is a cost for the certification process and I don’t know exactly that that is. However, Ten E is right there in your back yard and can provide costs for the third party testing. They can also guide you through the certification process and the printing or application of the labels that will need to appear on each UL certified box.

There is an ongoing responsibility on your part to ensure that your sheet supplier continues to provide you with corrugated sheets that have the same basis weight liners and maximum Cobb water absorption values as those used for the UL testing. There may also be a requirement for periodic retesting or recertification. So, you’ll need to weigh the cost of the test and the internal time necessary to manage the process against the potential income value from this customer.


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