How Does Moisture Affect Corrugated Durability

Denise asks,

Hi Ralph, Can you help me with the following questions?

Do you have a graph or chart that shows how moisture in paper affects its durability and strength? For example, how much moisture does board start off with from the Corrugator? If you store a corrugated sheet in a cooler or if it sits outside in hot humid weather, how much can moisture increase in the board? Does increase amounts of moisture in board effect the durability and strength of the board?

It would be very helpful to me if I had access to a chart or graph that I could show to my customer on how humidity, moisture and temperature change effects the durability of corrugated products.

Click on the search box on this website/blog and type in humidity. I think you will find a lot of helpful information. Also check out the newest FBA handbook, available through, there is a lot of information in it that I think you will find helpful.

— Ralph

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