C vs B Flute Starch Consumption

Ruel asks,

Here I am again with my questions regarding glue consumption comparison between C and B flute.

Is there a standard or industry accepted equivalents or conversion of glue consumption between B and C flute?

We have a customer with tolling contract with us who wants to change their box from C flute to B flute. Since our price to them is on a per MT basis, our revenue is affected because of reduced Semi Chemical Medium usage. We are evaluating the new tolling fee that we will charge, thus, we are looking all aspects that could have an impact on the cost. One of them is the glue consumption. We don’t have much data for B flute since our common products are in C flute. We have data from our short runs showing equivalent of C : B is about 1 : 1.17, or a 17 percent increase of glue consumption when shifting to B flute. I have also read articles from Harper Love citing that C to B has equivalents of 1.20. I just wanted to be sure that this value is within the typical values of the industry.

I will assume that the glue applicator roll, metering roll, and gap settings will all stay the same. That leaves the variations to the type of fluting, the shape of the flute profile and the number of flutes per foot. New flute profiles are more pointed and less rounded than before so there is less starch applied to the glue tips.

Are the pin adhesion values staying consistent between the two flutes?


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  1. Ruel S. Salmasan Says:

    Yes Raplh, we have basically similar PIN results (45-55). Our C flute has 40 flutes/ft while B flute has 47 flutes/ft.


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