Global Harmonization System Is Here

On June 1, 2015 the new International standard updates some OSHA UN HazMat labeling requirements. On this date every MSDS that you have will become outdated and needs to be replace with the Safety Data Sheets format as described by the GHS. You might, if you are not there already done so, begin to gather sheets from your containerboard supplies about the human health risk of “dust” or cellulose fibre. While there is a renewed concern and period of public and expert comment period of the combusted dust issue in “confined” spaces by OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association, the human health assessment is another initiative.

Also the labeling of corrugated and the shippers placards for hazardous materials has changed. Below is a web link to a white paper on the subject. Click here to download White Paper. We have many network contacts in the Chemical Packaging Committee of Institute of Packaging Professionals to come alongside you. Lonnie Jaycox is one of those people.

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