Corrugated for Extra Insulation of Cold Products

Mike asks,

If attempting to use corrugate for more insulating properties in cold environments without a big change in material structure or adding other materials [eg. foam] what has been a past success?

Have you heard of anyone experimenting and having success with multiple flutes (double or triple wall) for the protection of products on the inside such as ice creams and the like. It seems that would an option over heavier flutes.

The situation we have defined and is not wide spread, but there are spots in certain conditions we need some extra protection.

Following is a link to a university study on the insulation properties of packaging, and singlewall corrugated was included. The summary answer to your question is on pages 5 and 16. Using double and triple wall board combinations would probably double and triple the R value of singlewall.

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  1. Bill Heintz Says:

    Good morning, Ralph.

    I have tested double wall boxes for UPS or FED-EX air shipment that contained frozen beef with dry ice. It was a full overlap RSC, and replaced a much more expensive box. It worked for the customer.


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