Litho-lam effect on ECT

Steve asks:

We are laminating an 80 lb label to an outside liner. The combination needs to equal 44ect. Can we lighten our board combination with the addition of the label?

If so, what would the combination be? We buy 44ect with the following 42 x 36 x 42. Any insight into this matter is much appreciated.

I will give you a ballpark answer to your question. However, we can get an answer with far greater accuracy if we know the combined ring crush value obtained when the top sheet is laminating to the outside liner. Would any of your sheet suppliers be willing to send some samples to their mill suppliers to obtain the laminated ring crush values?

To answer in general terms. Depending on the strength values of the components and the quality of the corrugator’s combining ability, the range in ECT across the industry before converting, would be 42-57 PLI. Do you know what you are being supplied today and how much you are degrading the sheet during the converting process? I would not change a thing until we have answers to the previous three questions.


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