Corrugated Export Certification?

Gary asks:

We have a customer who is being challenged by an exporter who is asking for verification that corrugated cartons are “authorized” for export. We have all seen the required documentation that corrugated does not contain elements of concern (Mercury, etc.) and we sent that letter. However, our customer is being asked for more documentation that it is OK to send corrugated overseas.

Any idea how to satisfy that exporter’s request?

This question is a bit open ended, but will attempt to give a quality generic answer. There are less than twenty countries in the world that have established corrugated packaging regulations based on shipping modes. Most are based on US derived Rule 41 and Item 222 standards. UPS and FedEx honor these US methodologies and also reference ISTA and ASTM procedures. Just look at the packaging that comes into this country. Your local wine store is an excellent place to investigate how foreign shippers model US protocols.

If the customer needs more documentation we can pull additional information from the International Corrugated Case Association.

If the members question is based on shipping hazardous materials or food, then there may be additional information we can access.


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