Takeaways From Board Crush Webinar Series

We were honored to be taught recently by three leading experts in their field during this three part presentation. There was great quantity or very valuable knowledge shared by Rick Putch, Ron Spice, and Randy Banks. The corrugated crush points are various points in the combining and converting operations present moment by moment challenges to sheet and box manufacturers. Knowing that as much as 35-40 percent of initial ECT can be lost in manufacturing, we find ourselves adding way too much fibre to compensate for the being out of control.

For those who attended the series we explored the losses on the corrugator, in converting machines, and more specifically in printing and diecutting. The teaching team even offered up new testing methods to evaluate the degradation and where it occurs in the box making operations. What is often the case is what we do not know can indeed hurt us. So as the association brings forth more materials on economic sustainability, we ask that you join us in person at National or Regional meetings, here at AskRalph-aiccbox.org, in the literature, on webinars or 24/7 at ASKRalph@aiccbox.org

This entire webinar with its slides and audio should be available to you soon through the Resources department of the AICC. One will be able to click on the link at the top of the web site and go directly to the “store.”

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