How Does Corrugating Medium Contribute to Burst Values?

Tony asks:

In re-reading the brochure “Understanding the Performance Requirements of Your Customer’s Packaging”, it notes that, “It should be noted that while corrugating medium contributes nothing to combined board burst values, medium makes important contributions to ECT values.” Why does the medium “not contribute”? It seems as though it should, at the very least, have a “reduced roll” and contribute somewhat…

Also, where can I find a collection of your past articles?

Combined board Mullen comes from the tensile strength of the liners. While uncombined medium, in roll stock form, will have some tensile strength the fluted form that it takes in the combining process adds very little to the finished product. Under ideal conditions medium should contribute 50% to the engineered ECT structure and the two liners the other 50%. This takes into account caliper, mass, flute formation, flute profile, and the “toughness” of the medium.

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