Does Flexo Printing Affect Gamma Ray Sterilization

Steve asks:

Well, I’ve got an interesting one for you.
We have a major customer who is a global leader in medical device manufacturing. We have a 55” long x 4 x 1 catheter package we do for them. 100% flexo printed. Their question is… “Do we have any documentation, or data on whether flexo print on corrugated affects the characteristics and performance of Gamma Ray sterilization?” We are quite comfortable with data we have on ETO (ethylene oxide) but Gamma is sketchy territory.

Would you or perhaps Clemson have any input for us? The engineers are looking to provide a rationale in their proposal for FDA etc.

I can honestly say that is a question I’ve never been asked before! For insight to this question I reached out to our friends at BCM Inks for some input. Ted Vernardakis, Ph.D., R&D Director/QA Manager for BCM Inks offers this explanation.

“Gamma rays are the most energetic, most powerful and most penetrating radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are more powerful and penetrating than X-rays. They travel through just about everything except lead. Therefore they pass through corrugated board and flexo printing unobstructed, like a hot knife cutting through butter. Corrugated board and/or flexo ink has no effect on Gamma Ray sterilization, whatsoever.”

Hope this helps.


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    The most powerful rays, whatsoever!!!… it!
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