E-Flute Compression Strength, Cross vs. Vertical Fluting

Mark asks:

We have a customer who wants to convert a chipboard counter display to E-flute. We want to run cross-corrugation to aid in gluing based on shallow depth but the customer wants vertical corrugation for strength.

The McKee formula for BCT does not have an option for cross corrugation or E-flute. Would you have an opinion as to how much we would lose going cross corrugation? Certainly both will be stronger than 20 PT Chip.

I have done research comparing the three types of folding carton grades to small flute corrugated. In this linked spread sheet we see that cross corrugated E-flute has about 20% less compression strength compared to its vertical potential. The literature on horizontal corrugated applications says to allow for 30% less compression: however, that is based on C flute. E-flute does have more flexural rigidity or bulge resistance than chip, so would “generally” be a preferred packaging solution.

If anyone else has any knowledge or experience to share, as always we value your input.


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