Combustible Dust… OHSA Likely to Study Cost of Compliance

For almost two years now we have been tracking the Chemical Safety Hazard Investigation Board’s study of combustible dust. The CSB is an independent federal safety board. It cannot draft regulations, levy fines or otherwise formally rebuke companies for safety hazards. Since 2009 this agency has sought to develop some guidelines for the control of suspended particles which could include sheet feeders and corrugated box plants. We have suggested that you begin your own investigation for your own unique manufacturing operation as this may likely have an impact on your operation. Now it appears that this November OSHA will begin to move toward the next step, seeking input from small businesses. It is in this step that OSHA will study the cost of compliance and collect comments from industry.

While the largest accidents and threats still remain with the flour, coal, plastic, pharmaceutics, metals, and wood processing industries there can be a spillover effect to paper processing. The worst U.S. incident occurred here in Georgia in 2008 at the Port Wentworth Imperial Sugar Plant where 14 died and dozens were injured.

Your Association attended one of the early stakeholders meetings along with other industry, labor, insurance, and trade groups to offer input. We will continue to monitor the situation. Lewellyn Technologies is offering three seminars on this subject and AICC members are being offered a $100.00 discount. Contact them or us for more information.

Chicago, IL • August 28, 2013
Atlanta, GA • September 10, 2013
Indianapolis, IN • October 8, 2013

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