‘E’ Flute vs ‘F’ Flute

Elie asks,

Our company has the corrugating rolls for both E-flute and F-flute.
However, F has not been run long before I arrived, but management wants it again in line.
Is there any advantage for using F instead of E: paper consumption, glue consumption, strength…?
Do they also run with the same waste average?

There is not a significant amount of difference between the two flutes. F-flute is about half as thick and E-flute and has about 35 percent more flutes per inch (128 for ‘F’ vs 95 for ‘E’). Paper consumption, the take-up amount from fluting, is not considerable. F-flute does offer a considerably superior printing surface and – with the right containerboard grades – the ability to be printed through offset presses and converted on folding carton machines. We are seeing an increasing use of E/F today, although it is still small. F-flute has also fallen into favor with fast food and prepared food operations seeking to minimize their carbon foot print and find a sustainable alternative to polystyrene containers. Many other industries including, cosmetics, jewelry, specialty packaging and foot ware have turned to the F-flute option presumably for its printability and folding carton characteristics.

To make a comparison of combined board strengths one would need to submit samples for four point bending. ECT does not apply with these small flutes.

– Ralph

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