Tensile Testing Manufacturers’ Joint

Tyler asks:

I have a customer complaint that the Tensile Strength of the manufacturers joint is low, they sent a part for testing and got an average 131.2lbs for a 275C glued box.

Used TAPPI T813 Tensile Test for the Manufacturer’s Joint of Fiberboard Shipping Container.
The pictures of the test samples look like they have plenty of fiber tear, which is how we determine a good glue bond.

My question is:
What is a good number for this test?

According to my peers, if I heard them right at this summer’s TAPPI CORBOTEC meeting, the test methods for measuring glue tab strength have been withdrawn, so there is no official protocol anymore.

Failures can be from poor surface fibre consolidation which can be measured by a wax pick measurement, or glue or plybond separation in the linerboard. Has your sheet supplier had a change in containerboard sources? Remember we have to be specific as each paper machine can deliver different results!

Do you have any pictures you can share?

Check out the web link. kalpaperchem.com/tensile-tester.htm This maybe the only company that makes a device for checking the glue tab strength. You may be able to contact them for more information.

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