Solid bond manufacturer’s joint on mottle white liner

Ed asks:

Can you assist with a problem that we’re experiencing related to getting a solid bond at the manufacturer’s joint. The problem is with mottle white liner. We are not having any other issues with any other paper combinations. It takes no effort to separate the bond.

We are currently consulting with both the paper vendor and our adhesive vendor for a solution. The problem seems to be that the top liner is separating from itself. I have attached pictures to review. It’s hard to tell if the problem is paper or adhesive and with that both vendors will blame each other.

This is not an uncommon issue. The supplier of the white top liner needs to provide certification that the two ply are adequately bonded to each other. There are several TAPPI test methods for this, including but not limited to Dennison wax pick and Plybond testing. Do you have a copy of the AICC brochure on “Understanding the Characteristics of Linerboard and Medium and Their Impact on Combined Corrugated Board”? This is not usually an adhesive issue, as the adhesive should be strong enough to provide fibre tear/separation in the liner.

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