North American to Asian Standards Conversion

Steve asks:

I am trying to find a comparison chart that shows the relative dimensions, construction, strength, etc for North American corrugated (A, B, C, E flute) versus Asian corrugated that is specified as K3 or K9 with liners that are 250 kraft or 350 kraft. These materials are being specified by carton makers in Asia and I would like to have an idea what the equivalent carton in North America would be made from.

If I understand your question, you are looking to identify compression strength equivalents between flute constructions in the North America and Asian corrugated industries. I have had communication with China Packaging Federation thru the International Corrugated Case Association. The only comparison they shared with us is that our 200# Mullen or 32# ECT Regular Slotted Carton is equivalent to their Standard 0201(GB/T 6543). I have no knowledge of K3 or K9. Can you secure samples for testing here in the US?

The 250 and 350 kraft (virgin fibres) can refer to metric substance of 51#/MSF and 72#/MSF liners or the Mullen strength of the liners which would be 47 #/MSF liner and 90# liner. Or it could be the Mullen strength of the combined board construction in singlewall or doublewall structures.

Let’s also toss this one out for discussion. Does anyone else have any information on this topic they would like to share?


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