Searching for a Corrugated Convertor

Pat asks:

This is a pretty simple question. I am looking for a potential new corrugated converter as a cost savings project for 2013. Rather than just doing random searches on the internet for converters I was thinking about contacting sheeter plants or the people who are supplying the sheets to the converters. I have having a hard time finding those companies and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? I figured I could contact the sheeter plants to see who they are supplying and go from there. I hope this makes sense to you.

The AICC iMember Directory (aka iDirectory) is an excellent resource for finding convertors or sheeters in your area, or if necessary, on a national level. The iDirectory provides a number of ways to search for convertors and suppliers. Click here, or copy and paste this link into your browser,

Using the iDirectory you can search for corrugated convertors by selecting ‘Independent Corrugated Convertor’ under the ‘I am looking for:’ header. You can search by company name, ZIP code, State, Product or Equipment.

You’ll probably want to use the either the ‘Product’ or ‘ZIP’ code search.

Some sheet provides may also be found using the ‘Industry Supplier’ search option under the ‘I am looking for:’ header as well. Here you will basically have the same search options as you do with the convertor search, but you probably what to search by product instead of location.

The iDirectory is also a great resource for finding Independent Folding-Carton and Rigid Box convertors as well.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find and excellent source for your packaging needs through the directory. Check out the iDirectory and then let us know what you think.


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