Proper Storage of Corrugated

Jeff asks:

Do you have a recommended storage condition requirement for corrugated material such as boxes, inners, etc. in terms of temperature, Relative Humidity (RH) and max storage time?

I can summarize the recommended practices for the storage of KD corrugated boxes.

  • It is best to store unfilled boxes in the flat manner they were received.
  • It is best to store at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% Relative Humidity (RH).
  • Fluctuating RH can loosen the adhesive bond and invite the invasion of insects.
  • Uneven moisture can cause warp.
  • Fluctuating moisture can change box dimensions.
  • Packaging should be stored on clean flat surfaces.


One Response to “Proper Storage of Corrugated”

  1. AMIR M NAZERI Says:

    The best condition is:
    1- 50 % Relative Humidity
    2- tempreture 23 +- 2 Centidegree
    3- Max time in this condition 6 month

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