Chinese Specification for H=H China Made Boxes

James asks:

I am looking for the Chinese specification for H=H China made boxes and the blowout/breakout spec of the H=H.

Also, is the H=H equivalent to the American spec of Standard 200#(32 ECT) RSC Corrugated Boxes, or to ask it another way – what is the H=H spec equivalent to in American box standards?

I thought it best to reach out to my network on this one. So I contacted Carl Bohm at ICCA. Carl offers this information.

“One of the issues in China is that there are no industry wide specifications. That’s one of the reasons why the China Packaging Federation is joining ICCA so they can learn from the Europeans and Americans about industry specifications.

However, having said that, many global companies who operate in China have their own specs. I am aware of specs for Samsung, Sony, Kodak, and many other appliance makers. I do not have any of their specifications and I don’t have or know of the H=H spec mentioned below.

I might suggest contacting Dave Carlson at the FBA office but, like us, I doubt he would be aware of it.

If you would like I can contact the China Packaging Federation office to inquire what they may know. The response is usually slow, though, and it may take several days to over a week to receive an answer back.”

If any of our readers would like to share additional knowledge on the subject, we’d be more that happy to listen.


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