Recycled Box Statement

Brett asks:

Please take a look at this statement that is being printed on this box by a competitor of ours. I am interested in your opinion as to what this statement is claiming. Does this say that all the materials in the box were made from 100% PCR materials? Would I be fine printing this on a box that was not made with 100% PCR materials?

To me the message says that the box is composed of 100% post consumer recovered/recycled fibre. It always amazes me that the starch, water, energy maybe virgin materials and are never mentioned. 100% recycled is not necessarily a good thing as our fibre deteriorates in North America and some mills use up to 50% mixed waste in the sheets therefore “weakening” them further.

Don’t make a claim you cannot validate 100% of the time through your sheet suppliers. It’s a matter of integrity.

Would it be possible to make a more positive statement like, “Materials in this box come from sustainable and renewable resources,” or “This box manufactured from 100% sustainable and renewable resources,” but, again, only if you can back up the claims.

Have you considered SFI or FSC certifications? With the advent of ultra lightweight containerboards and new flutes I expect to see marketing claims that tout reduction in fibre content and even brand names for custom engineered packaging.


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