Mineral Oil Migration In Paperboard

We reported on this to members last year as we continue to vigilantly observe issues that affect our industry and your welfare. Last week we were reminded by an article in Pulp and Paper Week that we need to be ready in North America if agencies here decide to move on this issue. While this chemical migration concern would be more directly focused on our folding carton and rigid box members, there is always the spillover affect into corrugated, especially food grade cartons.

This is not a simple concern and much science must come into play before and legal action would be taken. I have observed that my favorite pizza shop has gone to an inside coating for its take out corrugated boxes. The initial direction of any investigation will likely be the removal of mineral oil from printing inks used in newspapers. Newsprint is a major source of recycled fibre for the clay coated news back used in the folding carton industry.

More as things develop… And as always comments welcome.


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