IMC090 Box Specifications

Chris asks:

I was referred to you, and hoping that you can help me out.

We have a customer that is looking for an IMC090 box. I believe this is an International shipping box. Can you help me with this, or point me in the right direction?

IMC specifications can be found in a 28 page Export Market Packaging Guideline developed by Ford. This link will take you to a copy of the guidelines we found online. (Just a note, this appears to be a Chinese site, but the guidelines are in English) They pertain to boxes used to ‘export’ to all Ford Export Markets. The goal is to maximize containerization for shipment of supplier products to these markets.

On page 9 of the referenced document you will find the specifications for an IMC090 box. There is a great deal of information in this document and on page 28 there is a list of contacts that may be able to help with any questions. I do want to point out though that, according to the revision date on this document, it was last revised in 2007.

We’ll poke around a little more to see if there is a newer revision.

If anyone else has any information to share, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.


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  1. Dwayne Says:

    Chris –
    Here’s a number that may also be of help. 1.888.317.4957

    It’s the Ford help desk. This may only be for their Information Technologies group, but they may be able to point you in the right direction.

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