Stitched Vs Glued Strength

Sam asks:

We have a customer that now takes a stitched joint carton, the stitch joint is intentionally positioned off the corner score. The carton is used to ship a very heavy and somewhat fragile product and the carton itself has a narrow depth.

We would like to offer them a center panel glue joint to eliminate a two pass manufacturing operation solution. To support making this change the customer has requested data stating the carton strength would be the same or better.

Do you have any resource that would assist us with this, without going to formal testing?

I did some research and could not discover any public information on this subject. What I did find is that any non conventional corner joints should be in the shorter panels since the greater bulging load of the corrugated box is in the long panels. Corrugated usually develops about 75% of its strength in the corner. If you have lose fill, the equation changes.

You may be best off to perform a compression test to compare the two products, and perhaps a drop test as you mentioned.

Let’s toss this one out to our readers. If anyone out there has anything to contribute leave us a comment. We’d be happy to hear it.

— Ralph

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