Printing over corrugator scores

Jeff asks:

What’s your experience with printing over Male to Flat scores?
We have a carton that has a solid yellow that prints over the bottom depth score. The solid plate is only 3 x 34, but it completely covers and runs parallel with the bottom depth score. Plates are .250 Cyrel.

I reached out to Rick Pomerenka at Printron for some help on this question. Rick shared this knowledge.

A thinner plate package(softer durometer) will not help drive the plate into the bottom of the score. Whenever our customers want to print over corrugator scores they order the sheets with flat female scores. This does not eliminate the crush issue, but it helps greatly and they are more successful printing over the score. In these situations we have found a .250 polymer plate mounted on .030 PVC works best.

Sponge backed plates are too soft and will not allow you to transfer the ink into the valleys of the combined board.


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