Food Grade Pallets

Ted asks;

Where can I get info on food grade pallets? I understand there are different standards of Food Grade pallets.

I had never heard of ‘Food Grade Pallets’ so I had to do a little research on this one. While one might think that food grade pallets would be regulated by the FDA, it appears that it is a specification set by the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association). GL Pallets and Ox Box in Chicagoland might be able to offer some more information.

You can also visit the GMA website ( . You may be able to find additional information there.

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  1. David A Diroll Says:

    Ralph, Our experience with food grade customers vary. Some want brand new 48 x 40 GMA. Some want AAA GMA. The least grade that we have used for food customers is A. The lower the grade of GMA PALLETS the more repair there has been made to them. ddsr

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    Jamil Packaging Corp.
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