Specs for shipping paper rolls by rail

Ricardo asks:

We have a customer that produces corrugated cardboard boxes in Yucatán peninsula, Mexico and willing to transport paper rolls from USA. As a railroad we coordinate with USA railroads shipments to put together all the pieces to ship the product. Now I am in the process of evaluating the type of cars and service design which includes product stacking inside rail-car units. Paper roll dimensions are as follows: 1.6 mts diameter, 2.1 mts height, 2,300 kilograms. ¿Do you know of any company that ships paper rolls and able to share with us their experience?¿How they stack the rolls in order to maximize the number of rolls shipped?

Any information you may provide will be highly appreciated.

Never thinking that I would need the industry loading diagrams for roll stock, I recycled that material twenty years ago. However, here are two websites where you can leave a question for the proper loading of rail-cars for roll stock. Most rolls here in the US are 59 or 60 inch diameters. 82 inches tall should allow for double stacking,



If anyone has any information to share with Ricardo, please leave a comment.


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