Calculating RSC Box Weights

Jessie asks:

I was wondering if you had a simple formula to calculate weights of basic glued RSC’s based on their ECT and flute.

Here’s the simple formula.

Take the medium basis weight(s) multiplied by the normal take up factors of 1.43 for ‘C’ flute and 1.35 for ‘B’ flute and add them to the linerboard(s) basis weights. This will give you the weight per thousand square feet of the given board grade. Then multiple the net square footage per converted box blank by the combined board basis weight per grade and divide by one thousand.

For example 35-26C-35 is 26×1.435 +35 +35 = 107#/MSF
It works every time.

From the link below you can download an MS Excel based calculator that you may find helpful. There is a tab for singlewall board and one for doublewall. You should always verify the actual product weight before estimating or quoting just in case there are unforeseen variables that may affect the weight.

RSC Box Weight Calculator for singlewall and doublewall.


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  1. Gupta Says:

    Dear Ralph
    Thanks for the RSC weight Calulator for single wall & double wall.
    But i dont know why the weight calculated is coming wrong when i enter the following:-
    Size of the box is (Inches) Length15.27XWidth10.15XHeight10.31
    Liner 1- 120gsm
    medium1- 120gsm
    liner 2- 120gsm
    medium 2- 120gsm
    liner 3- 120gsm
    Take off is 1.35
    RSC width inches- 10.15
    RSC length inches-15.27 (THERE IS NO OPTION ON HEIGHT)
    Optional dimensions
    Slot depth inches- 5
    Slot width inches- 14.90
    Glue tab width inches-1.50
    Glue tab length inches-10

    The weight of box is coming wrong.
    Also how can i adjust the take off factor.
    Please guide with all figures & let me know if i have entered all figures correctly or not.
    Awaiting reply

  2. Ralph Says:

    Hello Gupta –

    This calculator is designed to calculate in imperial measurements (pounds per thousand square feet) instead of grams per square meter. This is where your confusion, or incorrect answer, is coming from. Also, our take ups are hard coded constants that are considered fairly standard in North America. They are represented in pounds per thousand square feet of fluted medium. As you change the flute type in the calculator, the take up will automatically change.

    Basis Weights:
    Basis weights are in pounds/msf (thousand square feet). It looks like you’re entering gm2. So that will certainly not give you the answer you’re looking for.

    RSC Size:
    The calculator only uses the flat dimensions (length and width) not erected “3D” dimensions L, W, H. Folded means two panels of the RSC has been folded and glued… but not erected… so it is still flat.
    So if you want to use this calculator to calculate weight in grams you must first convert your basis weights from g/m2 to lbs/msf . Then, convert the results from pounds (or ounces) to grams (or kilograms).


  3. venkat Says:

    Dear sir,

    can you help me out

    today i am calculate the box weight for bottom box and top box weight.

    bottom size is length is 720 mm width is 930 mm

    top size is length 555 mm and width is 1200 mm

    paper gsm is kraft is 130 gsm and flute B 125 gsm and text liner is 127 gsm

    i am using formula is

    kraft paper wt Sheet length * width*gsm= wt /1000000000
    Flute B Sheet length * width*gsm *1.4= wt /1000000000
    test liner Sheet length * width*gsm= wt /1000000000

    finally i got one box weight

    i am using this formula sir

    please help me out

    • Ralph Says:


      I will be glad to determine the individual weights of the two boxes. To accurately determine the full size of the sheets from which the RSCs are made we need to have the height of the box. If you can provide those dimension we can calculate the weight of the two boxes.


  4. Joe Says:

    Ralph I know how to measure the sq. footage of an rsc, but what formula do you use to measure the sq. footage of a FOL. rton

  5. Muhammad Saleem Malikzadeh Says:

    Good day

    Can you please let me know as how to calculate the take up factor of flute? We are producing B flute. I know the pitch formula but a bit confused calculating the take up factory.
    Please help.

  6. Sylvia Lawrence Says:

    Can you provide the formulas to convert corrugated all flutes to pounds. Looking to find weight of unit to determine freight cost.

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