North American Virgin Paper Mills?

Jessie asks:

I was wondering if you could help me with a quick question. I have a converting company we buy some of our sheets from and they claim that there are no 100% virgin paper mills in North America. Are they correct in their statement? I overheard that AICC did the first Science of Paper course out at a virgin paper sheet plant last year. If there is such a mill do you know of one in the Pacific Northwest region? I heard that there is a mill over in Tacoma, WA that may be a virgin mill. Are you familiar with them and their paper products?

Because of antitrust laws we have to be careful about commenting directly about any specific companies, but there are 100% new fibre, or virgin, containerboard mills in the US and at least eleven capable of producing linerboard fibred from 100% wood chips. However, here’s something that you should be aware of and that may be the source of the comment. Any mill that uses 80% or more new fibre in its process is by definition considered a virgin mill.

There are some mediums that are 100% virgin fibre. However, by nature most have at least 25% recovered fibre.

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