Testing Board Immediately off Corrugator

Paulina asks:

Can you offer some insight on testing corrugated board right off the corrugator/converters.
We want to upgrade our quality checks and want to know if this is the best way to go. If not, can you offer some other suggestions as to how to improve the quality of our product going out the doors?

Certainly, the most reliable samples/results are obtained after the corrugated board has been allowed time to condition and reach acceptable TAPPI moisture and temperature equilibrium standards.

However, I have observed enough data over the years to say that unconditioned samples are about 20-30% weaker in ECT than properly conditioned samples. Until the combined board comes to TAPPI moisture and temperature equilibrium there is no ability to evaluate one sample set and combining condition verses another.

We should talk about a Corrugator Quality Audit Procedure so that you are properly sampling and testing containerboard and combined boards properly. Also, you may be interested in learning about the capabilities and use of Dimensional Stiffness Testers.

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