Doublewall Vs. ‘C’ Flute ECT Comparison

Erin asks:

We have a customer asking us the question below. It would be strictly for ECT strength and we are not sure how to quantify the data for them other than the ECT values. I believe they are looking for a percentage difference of how much stronger one is over the other. We are comparing an ECT 48 DW to 32C. The carton is an RSC, 12 1/16 x 10 5/8 x 3 9/16 inches.

While this construction is more like a tray than a RSC design, I have estimated the compression potentials for you given the two board combinations you presented. If this is an integral part of a display where product is stored and where torsion and twist are present, we will have to perform another analysis.

  • 32 C singlewall would have a targeted compression of 503# of top-to-bottom compression
  • 48 D/C doublewall would have a targeted compression of 997# of top-to-bottom compression
  • – Ralph

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    1. Dave Diroll Sr. Says:

      Ralph, It was good seeing you at AICC meeting. Is there an good independent box company in Italy I can recommend to one of my customers? ddsr

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