Changing Crease on HAZMAT Certified Insert

Kevin asks:

Can we change the creases on a corrugated insert to a perf profile without having to re-certify the entire corrugated package? The insert fits inside a corrugated RSC and both are HAZMAT certified.

Well Kevin that depends on a couple things. Is the insert load bearing so that it becomes an integral part of the performance of the package? Were the original ISTA tests done with the insert? You say that both are certified, so I assume that answer to be yes.

If you can answer yes to either one, or both, of these questions, then the answer is probably no because you are deviating from the original tested design. Changing the design by changing from a regular score to a perf score would probably require re-testing and re-certification of the design.

However, if the insert is just a separator and was not part of the original testing and certification, then you would probably be okay to make the change from a regular score to a perf score.

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– Ralph

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