Converting Dutch Board Grades

Renee asks:

I am hoping that you might be able to answer this question or tell me who I could contact.
I have two design specifications for corrugated cartons, but they are in Dutch.
Do you know what the equivalent board grade would be for DIN 2.30 BC and DIN 2.19 AC?

Here’s a few links that may be helpful.
SCA European corrugated base papers list

European Shipping Standards
FEFCO Freight Standards

My counterpart in Europe is on holiday this week so I can I cannot ask him to translate. However, he keeps telling me there are no regulations/standards in Europe. I’m not so sure about that.
In reviewing the information sent in this communication (see Germany or Belgium) you may determine that the values you stated refer to a burst index or a size and weight classification category. Review the materials in light of your situation and contact me again.

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