China RoHS Requirements

Perhaps a member or other reader could help shed some more light on this. Any input, comments or further discussion would be appreciated.

Chris asks:

I have another question I was hoping you could assist me with. We have a customer that is asking us what the correct recycle code is for corrugated for China RoHS requirements. China’s regulations seem similar to the European RoHS but with different labeling requirements (see links I found Wikipedia, Apparently, in 2007 they added CFB as a labeling option and it has confused shippers as to which one is correct for corrugated packaging (Figure 1).

Chinese Rohs symbols

Figure 1:
Which, or are both, acceptable for use in China?

The China standard lists “Cardboard (CB)” and “Card fiberboard (CFB)” as options. However, they do not define these terms. I assume CB is for corrugated, but I have found examples of CFB being used for corrugated in the marketplace as well. Based on my research, it appears that the CB label is probably the correct one for corrugated. However, I would like to confirm this. Have you or anyone in AICC run across this question before?

Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electronic and Electrical equipment is a European specification. I not familiar with any such regulation in China.


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