Tips for Converting Recycled Corrugated

Charlie asks:

Our sheet feeder is moving to use more recycled liners, our partner base is cautious about the typical conversion concerns..i.e.. cracking scores, rolling scores etc. I also know they are 100’s of millions of feet converted successfully in the industry. What I am looking for is something that is a guide to best practices or tips for improvement in converting etc. Equipment is very typically: FFG’s , rotary diecutters, flat bed diecutters, etc. Do you know anything about the TAPPI guide?

As I research this for you and pull out old files, keep on the lookout for our upcoming Science of Paper School at Liberty Paper (May 21-23, 2012). This will be a good educational and networking opportunity for you.

Who are your suppliers and who are their suppliers? There is a big range in quality in recycled containerboards. You need to start to ask these questions now and your supplier is a good place to start. We also have some additional resources at AICC to assist you in meeting the challenges.


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