C Flute vs. B flute ECT

Tyler asks:

When all things are equal, (which never happens, its corrugated), which is stronger in ECT and BCT values, C flute or B flute? How about in a box size of 10 x 8 x 6? RSC, 42-26-42……

Really, all things being equal. That leaves me room for a wide response.
The ECT values of C flute and B flute corrugated made from the basis weights described would be almost identical, between 36 and 48. The difference is in the wide variation in strengths of the components.
BCT, which is a function of ECT and caliper (flexural stiffness), varies between 509#-679# for C flute and 442#-589# for the B flute. That is a difference of 15 percent in compression between the two constructions.

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