Auto Ignition Point (Temperature) of Corrugated

Sam asks;

We have a customer that is asking us to confirm the auto ignition point (temperature) of corrugated. Dan you tell me what it is or where I can find some information about it? Is it 451 degrees Fahrenheit?

You are correct Sam, the auto ignition point for corrugated is 450-451 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are several references for your client:

As a side topic, paper dust shares the same 451 degree auto ignition point. So, if a sheet of corrugated and a layer of paper dust were both exposed to an indirect heat source, such as an oven, they would both ignite at the same temperature.

However… If a direct heat source such as a spark or flame is applied, the much higher oxidation rate of the dust will cause rapid ignition with potentially explosive results.


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