Expected Vales of “E-Flute”

Linda asks;

Hi Ralph. I have seen a series of your technical articles that are published in AICC BoxScore magazine and I find it very useful and worth recommending.

I am writing to obtain a copy of your article “Expected Values of C Flute Combined Board” that was published in the May /June 2009 BoxScore. On the copy I have the chart blurry and it’s hard to read. I find that information quite useful as a reference tool. Could you be kind to send me the requested copy of the chart?

Also, do you have any similar information for “E flute” since we are starting to develop micro-corrugated boxes too.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

We may have made the chart too small when we published the article. Per your request, here’s a link where you can download the ‘C-Flute’ table from the BoxScore article. Hope this helps.

Here’s a link where you can download a similar ‘E-Flute’ table. This comes from research I was directing about 13 years ago. As far as I know this is the only published work on ‘E-flute’. This chart is only a draft and I need to continue to bring forth all the notes on the designed experiments and what the results would mean for you. There is more to come. I’ll attempt to keep this as a top priority. I’d also suggest that you not use any liner above 42#/msf for facings.

— Ralph

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