European spec 2.4 EB vs. NAFTA-ECT spec 42DW-EB ECT

Peter asks;

Is the European material specification 2.4 EB same as NAFTA-ECT specification 42DW- EB ECT? Also advise liner specifications. Unfortunately this is all the information we have. We will be supplying a hand cut sample for our client. The liners used by our supplier will be 35-K-26-K-26. This carton will be die cut tray style with hand holes and D/C lid. It is expected to hold up to 15 lbs. and shipped to Europe (Germany) loaded in a container. Hope this helps and we will be in touch once we deliver sample for approval.

Below is information on the German Code from the FEFCO website. Let me know if you need an explanation of the metric units translated into US units. You can purchase a copy of the specifications from the FEFCO website, in English, for $40-60.

Authority DIN
Code DIN 55468-1, -2

Wellpappe Teil 1 Anforderungen, prüfung

Wellpapper Teil 2: naßfest Anforderungen, prüfung

Translation Eng.

Corrugated board
Part 1: Requirements, testing

Part 2: Wet strength, requirements, testing

Strength criteria BST, ECT, PET
Non-strength criteria
Third party certification RAL: RAL-GZ 492 “Gütezeichen Wellpappe RAL”: Gütegemeinschaft Wellpappe e.V.
DIN-CERTCO (conformity DIN 5546)

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