UN HazMat Packaging – 49 CFR parts 171-180

49 CFR parts 171-180

If you are involved in UN HazMat Packaging you are no stranger to this Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Transportation. There are upcoming changes to Commodity ORM-D and Limited Quantity markings. These go into effect on January 1, 2013 so there is a year to obtain new printing plates for your operations. The DOT is moving from a rectangular stamp to one that is a diamond shape. This is explained in detail in the Federal Register.Vol.76, No. 12/Wednesday, January 12, 2011/Rules and Regulations on page 3366, yes page 3366. This is described under paragraph 172.315. Whatever happened to the Paper Reduction Act? And don’t forget the training that you must have ever three years.

Our thanks go out to Ten-E for guiding us in this effort.

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  1. George Cusdin Says:

    According to the Federal Register website, this enormous stack of paper is amended on a daily basis. As far as I can tell from their confusing website, is that it may continue to be re-printed, and sent out to all Federal Government offices; also on a daily basis.
    They must employ thousands of legal secretaries to up-date the tome, and thousands of speed-readers to interpret the new regulations.
    However, it is available on their website but good luck in finding the particular Regulation! All I found using the 49 CFR parts 171-180 search term were regulations on marking SCUBA cylinders!

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