Combustible Dust

The last time we published an update on this issue was December 2009. It has been relatively quiet since then, but OSHA will be coming out with new standards based on the National Fire Prevention Association Standard 654 (last revision 2006) now that they have concluded their rounds of industry stakeholder input. Two years ago the conversation that we picked up was that the regulation would be focused on milling, metal processing and coal based electrical utilities. Unless a member or a supplier can give us a more definitive update for the corrugated or solid fibre industries, it is still our understanding that good housekeeping and the use of vacuums with negative air flow and not positive air systems with blow off stations, can make a positive impact on an OSHA inspector. No more than 1/32 inch of dust may accumulate at any place in the plant. This information is included in the Federal Register and falls under 29 CFR part 1910.

3 Responses to “Combustible Dust”

  1. Guy Ockerlund Says:

    Caution: We were fined for having a shop vacuum that was not “intrinsically safe”. Be sure that your vacuums meet the OSHA requirement.

  2. Rich Says:

    Could you expand on your article about combustible dust ad what the correct and incorrect types of vacuums are?

  3. Ralph Says:

    Thank you for reading the article. I knew one response would solicited addition inputs from members. When I attended the OSHA meeting there was no mention of the type of vacuums that they would deem acceptable. I would image ones with HEPA filters. Who are the industrial supplier of commercial vacuums? I will do the research from your suggestions.

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