Triple Wall Combination for 99 Class Stamp

Paulina asks:

I have a sample here that’s a triple wall with class stamp 99.
Can you tell me what the liner/medium combination would be for this board grade? I have never come across something like this before.

This could be made with four liners each with a minimum ring crush of 65 pli and 3 mediums each with a minimum ring crush strength of 57 pli. This likely would manifest itself in 36# linerboards and 36# mediums or any combination of components that produce more than 495 pli of total combined ring crush among the seven components in an AAA structure.
— Ralph

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  1. Guy Ockerlund Says:

    E99 triple-wall is constructed of 85 lb outside liners, 35 lb inside liners and 33 lb medium.

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