ORM-D materials may be re-classified as Hazardous

Marc asks:

A customer of ours has asked for some support/information about the upcoming change in how hazardous shipments are classified.

Apparently the ORM-D designation is going away and all these items will become classified as hazardous.
Do you have any background on how this would impact their packaging needs beyond the labeling?
If not, can you suggest where I might find some?

This matter will be of interest to any of our members that produce boxes for customers that have ORM-D labeling requirements.

Here’s a link (HM-215K) to the entire document from the Federal Register. Look for page 3366 for the new markings. We have until the end of next year for air shipments and the end of 2013 for ground shipments before the new regulations take effect. Thank you for bring this to our attention.


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