Special Coating for Freezer Display

Greg asks:

I am a student at Western Michigan University. I was also one of the 2011 AICC Troll Scholarship Winners. I am designing a corrugated POP display for a finishing/converting class. My partner and I are creating a display which can be in the frozen section of the grocery store, hung on the inside of a door in a freezer. Our display will hold individual cartons of ice cream. Our question is, what type of coating or special surface treatment will we need to apply to the corrugated box to keep it held together and strong? We are not actually applying a coating to the corrugated box, we would just like to know what we would need to do. Do you have any other suggestions for how we can make this display be successful in the frozen section of the grocery store? Thank you for your time.

Congratulations Greg! I have attached a link to one of the major manufactures of coatings: http://www.michelman.com/Industry-Expertise/Paper-%26-Corrugated/, but they are not the only ones who produce coatings. If there is an opportunity for the corrugated to pick up water vapor by the door constantly opening and closing, then a moisture resistant coating may be called for in the construction along with a water resistant adhesive.

— Ralph

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  1. MARIO Says:

    Hi Raplh, what is the ideal moisture to process sheets on the converters. Single or Double wall. And what is the expected moisture off the corrugator?

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