Toxics in Packaging (TIP) Law

Charles asks —

Has anyone received a request for requests to comply with “Toxics in Packaging Laws” from there customers?
Here is what I received from a customer

Dear Vendor Partner,
Our customer is committed to ensuring the safety, quality and compliance of the products they supply to their customers. Accordingly, they require all of their vendors to execute and return the attached Vendor Compliance documentation.

The Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation and state laws based on the Model apply to packaging and packaging components, including the packaging of “packaged products.” The TIP laws (Toxics in Packaging) require that certificates be provided by any manufacturer, supplier, distributor, etc. in the chain of commerce. Because we are required to provide such certificates to our customers upon request, we need to have formal certificates from each supplier that specifically outline the supplier’s compliance with the TIP laws.

As a valued partner, we appreciate your cooperation and prompt attention in providing compliance certification and content verification of all products supplied to our organization.


This is the old CONEG regulations that started in the Northeast almost 25 years ago. You will need to work with your corrugated suppliers who in turn will work with their containerboard supplies to obtain the certifications from every paper mill that they use as a source of raw material. This is not a big deal as paper mills have this documentation ready available.

— Ralph

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