How may direct contact by dry ice affect corrugated boxes

Rich asks —

A customer of ours just asked us the affects of “dry ice” applied directly to a corrugated box and or inner-packing. Would you have any input on how to answer this question?

Initial thought here is there would be some condensation from the dry ice causing the box to fail. Thanks in advance for your quick response.

The only research I found in my technical journals was for complete storage of the corrugated box in sub zero conditions. In those studies some combined board properties actually increased while the boxes failed more often in a drop test. I’m assuming that these boxes are “outside” and the dry ice is inside. If there is condensation and the boxes are failing prematurely you may want to consider a WRA or a treated medium. The liners are more durable. You could come back to me and tell me more about the conditions.

— Ralph

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